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Percy Dastur

Dastur is a voice you can count on, who will work hard for our communities, through his message of “Building Together a Stronger Milton”.


More Affordability for Canadians

  • Decrease personal income tax 
  • Remove capital gain tax
  • Phase out supply management, making milk, butter, cheese, poultry and eggs more affordable
  • Fair telecommunica-tion plans, and better mobile services

Fair and Vetted Immigration

  • Improve Canada through skilled immigrants
  • Stop illegitimate 'refugees' at the US border
  • Withdraw from the United Nations Global Compact for Migration
  • Keep annual immigration to 150,000

Fight Climate Change

  •  Abolish Liberal’s Carbon Tax
  • Invest in mitigating strategies
  • Stop sending billions of dollars to developing countries to reduce their emissions

Reduce Government Spending

  • No more government bailouts to corporates
  • Eliminate foreign aid except in response to humanitarian crisis
  • Reduce the CBC budget

Freedom of Expression

  • Protecting Canadians from Censorship and Discrimination
  • Repeal C-16 and M-103 
  • Repeal any existing legislation or regulation curtailing free speech 

Better Healthcare

  • Replace the Canada Health Transfer cash payments with a permanent transfer of tax points of equivalent value to the provinces and territories, to give them a stable source of revenue


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